Floyd Moves

Healthy Floyd educates kids on the importance of staying physically active to stay healthy.

March is Floyd Moves Month

Healthy Floyd is on the move again!  This time the local non-profit is sponsoring a series of events to get folks up and moving during the month of March.

Floyd MovesFloyd Moves Month took off with Move It! games and a Healthy Floyd display at Indian Valley Elementary’s March PTO meeting.  Later that week, all Indian Valley students were treated to lunchtime movement breaks followed by fruit-infused water tastings.  Mrs. Allen’s kindergarten students then enjoyed a special 95210 lesson taught by Healthy Floyd coordinator, Meredith Dean.  Says Dean, the “1” is a reminder that every school- aged child needs at least one hour of physical activity each day.  The other numbers stand for nine hours of sleep, five servings of fruits and vegetables, less than two hours of screen-time, and zero sugary beverages.

At Floyd Elementary, the week of March 20th promises to be especially active. For the second year in a row, younger students and their families will be introduced to a sampling of the many opportunities for physical activity offered to them by the Floyd community.  Preschool, kindergarten and first grade children will enjoy Parkour & Tumbling with Blue Ridge Motion, Kicking It with Rutter’s Martial Arts, Dance Party with Blue Ridge Dance Fitness, soccer activities with Floyd/Floyd County Parks and Recreation, and Yoga for Kids with Living Light River Studio.

Not to be outdone, Floyd’s adults have also gotten into the action.  Attendance has tripled during March for Floyd Moves It!, a workout session led by Healthy Floyd every Thursday from noon – 1pm at Jessie Peterman Library.

Floyd MovesAnd remember the group’s Floyd Moves Minute brain and movement breaks from years’ past?  Healthy Floyd will be bringing back some of the 5th now 7th graders who created the original to lead folks in that plus other movement activities at the Floyd County Health & Wellness Fair on April 1st from 11-3pm in the high school’s new gymnasium. Be sure to visit the Healthy Floyd booth to play the 95210 game and register for the Healthy Floyd 5K at the Floyd Moves games and activities area. 

Healthy Floyd’s mission is to promote a culture of health and wellness by offering diverse opportunities that encourage all members of the community to live a positive, healthy lifestyle.  Since receiving its first grant from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth in 2012, the group has sponsored numerous collaborative projects to implement nutrition and wellness education, improve access to healthy foods, increase opportunities for physical activity, and raise public awareness in Floyd’s schools and wider community.

On-going programs include Floyd Moves Month, Preschool Produce deliveries, lessons and tastings, Farm Field Trips, Sugar Smarts Education, Floyd Moves It!, and the Healthy Floyd 5K.

For more information about Healthy Floyd, one may e-mail healthyfloyd@swva.net.  For details about the Health & Wellness Fair, call Floyd Tourism at (540) 745-4407.