At least 1 Hour Physical Activity

One hour of fitness does not have to be a chore! Since so many people already feel overwhelmed by jammed pack days filled with jobs, kids’ activities, and household chores, finding an extra hour for fitness can be difficult. But physical activity doesn’t have to happen at the gym! Short, ten-minute bouts of exercise throughout your daily routine will quickly add up to an hour of fitness, and a big improvement in your physical and mental health.

Instead of spending an extra two minutes circling the store parking lot for the closest spot, take those two minutes to walk from the spot at the end of the aisle. When your children are at baseball practice, walk around the field and watch from a distance. At a hotel, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Use your daily lunch breach to walk or bike with colleagues. Take the family to a free, outdoor festival, and enjoy walking among the booths. On Saturday head to one of the many local trails for a family hike.

If your child has to practice math flashcards or spelling words for homework, go to the park and swing while you quiz them. Walk around while talking on the phone or make it a family routine to go for a walk or bike ride after dinner. If a loved one is in the hospital, instead of buying flowers, go outside and pick wild flowers to make an arrangement. When you’re stressed, turn up the radio and take a quick dance break.

Even daily household tasks can increase family activity. If the house has to be clean, set the timer to motivate the whole family to see how quick the floors can be cleared. Make yard work a family event. While mom and dad are mowing, the kids can be pulling weeds from the flower beds. With everyone working together, chores will get done quicker which will give your family more time for recreational fitness. Fortunately, Floyd County has a wealth of opportunities such as fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, etc.