Zero Sugary Drinks

Zero sugary drinks–absolutely zero–are recommended by the  nationwide 95210 campaign led by doctors, dentists and concerned parents. Zero tolerance for sugary drinks might seem drastic, but there is ample evidence about the many negative health impacts of consuming excess sugar.

Sugar adds calories without nutrients. One soda has nearly 40 grams, or 10 teaspoons and 160 calories, of sugar. This sugar dramatically raises your blood sugar without giving your body any vitamins or nourishment.

Elevated blood sugar increases your risk of heart disease. Higher intakes of added sugar have been linked to increased triglyceride levels and lower good cholesterol levels, both of which increase the risk for heart disease.

Reducing sugar can lower blood pressure. Some new research suggests that lowering sugar intake may help lower blood pressure, further reducing your risk of heart disease and your dependence on medications to manage your health.

Sugar increases fat storage. Our bodies utilize sugar as a quick source of energy. However, if you are not physically active, the body does not need this energy source and stores it for later as fat. Excess sugar is the number one cause of childhood obesity.

In addition, as our local dentist Dr. Conduff says, “Sugary drinks increase incidents of tooth decay. Drinking water would be better.” Instead of drinking soda, juice drinks and sweet tea, you can try healthier options like unsweetened tea and water. If plain water isn’t for you, add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to the water. Or try adding sparkling water to 100% fruit juice to create a natural soda. The important thing to remember is to change gradually. You might think giving up soda is impossible if you try to cut it out completely right away. Gradually reducing the amount of sweet drinks and replacing them with healthier alternatives will eventually get you down to zero, for good.

Let’s kick the soda habit as a community! These places around Floyd support ZERO sugary drinks:, Carillion Clinic, Dr. Conduff, Floyd Baptist Preschool, Floyd County Health Department, Floyd County Public Schools, French Family Dentistry, Milestones Childcare, The Healing Tree, and Tri Area Clinic.