Old Mill Stone Farm

Owners: Bryan and Lynette Vest

Old Millstone Farm is a family owned and operated farm since 1999.  Being natives of Floyd County and farm- raised ourselves; we understand the commitment and hard work needed to produce a great product.  We strive to provide customers with great tasting beef and pork that have been raised in a natural setting.  Our beef and pork are free from additional hormones and antibiotics. 

Our Black Angus roam freely on pasture and woodland daily.  Our beef’s diet consists of pasture, grass and alfalfa hay, and limited grain. They are finished on approximately 5lbs. of grain per day, 45 days prior to slaughter. This gives the meat a good “marbling effect”, helping to enhance the flavor.

Our Tamsworth hogs roam freely on pasture and woodland daily.  They are fed a grain ration and shelled corn (grown on the farm). 

Our meat is USDA certified and packaged by Russell Meat Packing in Castlewood, VA.

We feed both our cattle and hogs grain from Performance Livestock and Feed Co., Inc.  These products are all natural plant protein based feeds.  The feed does not contain any animal bi-products, hormones, additives, or antibiotics.  They only use all natural vitamins and minerals in their custom feeds.

We also produce an array of vegetables; including potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, several different varieties of green beans, corn, etc. 

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