Black Sheep Family Farm

Black Sheep Farm

Black Sheep Family Farm is a family owned and operated farm in its first season, having started in the spring of 2013 on Shooting Creek, right here in Floyd County. The Watkins family homeschools their five small children and have a serious commitment to raising them in the healthiest environment with the cleanest and freshest food possible. Our goal is to share our sustainably grown, nutritious and beautiful vegetables with other families in our community as well.

We grow a variety of vegetables (over 40 types) and have small CSA.We are raising a small herd of Icelandic sheep, primarily for wool, and some other breeds of sheep as well, for meat. We also have chickens that free range on the property. Our farm is CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) which means that we abide by organic growing practices and we do not use synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides or herbicides. We treat our land, soil, and crops sustainably and conscientiously.