Movement Breaks through out the school day

Movement Breaks through out the school day

The following is a list of movement breaks teachers can use during the school day. These movement breaks are not meant to replace daily recess or physical education classes. These movement breaks are to be used to provide students with quick movement breaks through out the school day.

Simon Says: Pick a student to lead a game of “Simon Says”

High Cincos: Students jump up to give a partner “high” high five, and then switch to a new partner.

Follow the leader: Pick a student to lead a game of “Follow the Leader”

Beach Ball Blast: Throw 2-3 beach balls into the room and have the students work together to keep them up.

Jumping Jacks: Set a timer for one minute. Students think of a personal goal they want to beat. (Self-challenge versus class comparison.)

Push Ups:  Set a timer for two minutes.  Students think of a personal goal they want to beat. (Self-challenge versus class comparison.)

Sit Ups: Students can do individually or choose a partner to take turns holding each other’s feet. Set a timer for two minutes.  Students think of a personal goal they want to beat. (Self-challenge versus class comparison.)

Partner Push & Pull: Students pick a partner. Partners sit down, facing each other, legs straight and open, and bottoms of feet touching partner’s feet. Partners stretch by gently pushing and pulling.

Dance Party: Turn on a song and dance!

Apple Pickers: Students bend down and jump up with arms up as if they are reaching for apples on a high branch.

Shooting Numbers: Choose a number to skip count by, such as 3. Choose a student to count from 1-100. The rest of the class bends their knees with their hands touching the floor. As the student counts, they jump up and “shoot a goal” every 3rd number that’s counted.

Hip Spellers: Students choose a partner. Without speaking, students use their hips to spell a word from the class spelling list. Partners take turns “spelling” and guessing.

People to People: Choose a student to call out body parts, such as “hip to elbow, knee to chin, foot to hand…” Students match body parts to a classmate’s body parts.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Students choose a partner.  Students count, “1, 2, 3,” and then use their whole body to show rock (body curled down), paper (arms and legs spread wide), or scissors (straight arms opening and shutting.)

Military March: Students march with straight arms swinging as straight legs kick up.

Ready, Set, Run: Students run in place.

High Hikers: Students jog in place with high knees.

Bottom Bumpers: Students jog in place, kicking their bottoms with their heels.

Chair Kicks: Students stand in front of their chairs, and practice kicking over their chair.

Leap Frog: Students squat down on knees with hands held open in front of them, and take three low leaps forward and then three low leaps back. Repeat.

Windmills: Students stand with straight arms and legs spread open. Students cross their bodies as they touch their toes. Students can practice skip counting while doing windmills.

Seat Switch: Teacher calls out “seat switch.” Students quickly find a new seat to sit in. Repeat 4-5 times.

Movement Videos for Teachers

This is a list of movement videos for teachers to use in the classroom. These videos are not meant to replace regular outdoor recess or physical education classes. These links are provided as a tool to add quick movement breaks throughout the school day and for rainy days when students are unable to go outside. This list is not an endorsement of any one business or activity.

The videos that are on Safe Share are deemed appropriate for the classroom. The videos that are on YouTube are appropriate, but teachers must be careful that no advertisement, viewer comments, or other inappropriate content is shown.

2nd-7th Brain Break (Video on bottom of page) Drawing letters while counting 1:29
3rd-7th Brain Break (Video on bottom of page) Finger Tips 1:05
3rd-7th Brain Break (Video on bottom of page) Number Spots Addition 1:40
4th-7th Brain Break (Video on bottom of page) Tow Tapping 1:20
2nd-7th Brain Break (Video on bottom of page) Gotcha 2:43
PreK-K Just Dance Kids – Get the Sillies Out 1:34 
K-3rd Do the Mario (Just Dance 3 – Just Mario) 3:42
K-5th Just Dance 2 Despicable Me 2:28
K-7th The Sid Shuffle – Ice Age: Continental Drift 3:26
K-7th Kung Fu Fighting – Just Dance Summer Party – Wii Workouts 3:54
PreK-K Just Dance Kids 2 – Five Little Monkeys (Wii Rip) 2:08
K-5th Kidz Bop Kids 3:18
PreK-1st The Hokey Pokey: VINCI Preview 2:46
K-7th Exercises: Move to Learn Fitness Break! 5:24 
PreK-5th KIDZ BOP Shuffle Kidz 2:56
PreK-K The Banana Song (Peel Banana…) 0:54 
K-7th Just Dance Kids – Kids in America (Wii Rip) 2:11 
PreK-2nd Who Let the Dogs Out – Workout Mode – Just Dance Greatest Hits 3:40 
PreK-3rd Happy Feet Dance Video 1:11
PreK-1st Act it out!!!  (song for kids by Mark D. Pencil) 3:01 
K-5th Koo Koo Kanga Roo Dance-A-Long Video 3:40 
K-5th Sonic – Electrika 1:28
K-3rd Smurf It Wii Dance Party Video 2:14
K-4th Koo Koo Kangaroo Roo Dance-A-Long Videos: Awesome Rainbows 3:07 
K-5th Land of 1000 Dances – Just Dance 3 – Wii Workouts 2:54 
PreK-1st Macarena Count to 100 2:18
PreK-K ABC Song Just Dance Kids 2:20
PreK-2nd Just Dance Kids 2 – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wii Rip) 2:07 
PreK-1st Exercise and Count by 5’s 2:33
K-5th Just Dance Kids 2 – Rocketeer (Wii Rip) 2:14 
1st-7th Just Dance Disney – S.I.M. P (Squirrels in My Pants) 1:49 
PreK-5th Just Dance Kids 2 – Jump Up (Wii Rip) 2:20 
PreK-1st If You’re a Kid…Animal Remix (Animal Sounds & Movements) 2:48 
PreK-K Count to Ten Freeze Dance! 2:32

Many of these videos were found at:

Special thank you to Floyd Elementary teacher, Becky Thompson, for suggesting the Floyd Moves team create this resource for teachers.

Literacy, Eating, and Activity for Preschoolers (LEAP)

Literacy, Eating, and Activity for Preschoolers (LEAP)

The risk factors of poor nutrition and physical inactivity begin early in life. The Literacy, Eating, and Activity for Preschoolers (LEAP) for Health curriculum was developed by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Facilitators read books that focus on preparing and eating healthy foods and being physically active. The facilitators conduct food tasting activities and physical activities with the children. Children are taught to try new foods with small ‘hello’ bites. Children sample foods in a fun and friendly environment. Using books can help children develop an appreciation for literature and at the same time may motivate children to adopt positive food and physical activity behaviors that last a lifetime. Lori Kaluszka, with the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library, facilitates the LEAP program for Milestones Child Care and Floyd Baptist Preschool.

School Health Advisory Board helps with 5210 surveys

For the last two years, Floyd County’s School Health Advisory Board has administered a “5210” survey to all elementary students in the county. This survey helps Floyd’s Healthy Community Team gain nutrition and fitness data for children in kindergarten through 7th grade. The K-3 surveys are completed by parents. The 4-7 surveys are completed by the students. The results are shared with the schools and give greater insight into the prevention of childhood obesity.

Master Food Volunteers

Master Food Volunteers


Virginia Cooperative Extension provides educational resources for our community made available through the VCE website ( ) and local programming. Programming addresses Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Financial Wellness, Gardening, and Youth Development to name a few. Some of the nutrition classes (home food preservation, food preparation and healthy food choices) are delivered by our Master Food Volunteers and Junior Master Food Volunteers. MFV-Blacksburg Farmers Market-May 12, 2012 025